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 Fair Oaks, CA

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Songs Of The Western Soil
  1. Back to the Range
  2. I Ride an Old Paint
  3. Spotted Pony
  4. Whoopi Ti Yi Yo, Git Along Little Dogies
  5. The South Coast
  6. Comin' Down From Denver
  7. Rio
  8. Sadie Brown
  9. Cielito Lindo
  10. Aluminum Miners
  11. The Goodnight-Loving Trail
Fences, Barbed Wire & Walls
  1. The Strawberry Roan
  2. Bill Pickett's Horse
  3. Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie
  4. Reincarnation
  5. Lady's Fancy
  6. When The Bloom Is On the Sage
  7. Railroading On the Great Divide
  8. Alla en el Rancho Grande
  9. Powder River, Let 'Er Buck/ La Cuna Numero Dos
  10. Streets of Laredo
  11. The Cowboy's Life is a Very Dreary Life
  12. Fences, Barbed Wire & Walls
The Hills of Mexico
  1. The Hills of Mexico: Concerto grosso
    for banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin & orchestra
  2. The Buffalo Skinners
  3. The Crooked Trail to Holbrook : chamber version
    for fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, flute & cello
The Colorado Trail
  1. Lee's Ferry
  2. A Border Affair
  3. Cuatro Milpas
  4. El Redondo Largo
  5. Diamond Joe
  6. Lonesome Roving Wolves
  7. Willie
  8. Old Stetson Hat
  9. Buffalo Skinners
  10. Rawhide Rope
  11. Ghost Riders in the Sky
  12. Nightrider's Lament
Horse Sense For Kids and Other People
  1. Wake Up Jacob
  2. The Old Chisolm Trail/ Leather Britches
  3. Whoopi Ti Yi Yo, Git Along Little Dogies
  4. Turkey In The Straw
  5. Bill Pickett/ Bill Pickett's Horse
  6. Cielito Lindo
  7. Rivers Of Texas
  8. Red River Valley
Ain't No Life After Rodeo
  1. Lasca
  2. A Border Affair
  3. The Bucking Horse Moon
  4. All This Way For The Short Ride
  5. Leaving You
  6. Along The Colorado Trail
  7. Zarzyski Meets The Copenhagen Angel
  8. Bill Pickett/ Bill Pickett's Horse
  9. The Old Timer
  10. Horses Versus Hosses
  11. Alla En El Rancho Grande
  12. The Legend of Boastful Bill
  13. The Heavyweight Champion Pie Eatin' Cowboy Of The West
  14. Windy Bill
  15. How The Lord Throwed In With Mom To Make Me Quit The Broncs
  16. Sierry Petes
  17. Escorting Grammy...
  18. The Old Double Diamond
  19. Willie
  20. Ain't No Life After Rodeo
  21. The Hand
  22. Buffalo Skinners



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